A video conferencing app offering an opportunity for new and unique visual and social interaction.


Main Features of VRspace

Emotion Detection

Users have the option to use AI technology which detects the emotions of those in the video call.

Video Calling

All interaction is done using video calling, for the most social connection possible.

Event System

Users can host private events for more confidential or work-related discussion.

Group System

You can create and join private groups with scheduled events that anybody in the group can join.

About Us

A video-calling platform that can benefit you heavily.

We want a platform where you can have your usual online video conferences, but with an incredibly useful feature for the host or all users to utilize. With emotion detection, HR representatives or any professional workers conducting interviews or conferences can have a much better understanding of the emotions displayed by people in response to what they say. This will transform interviewing as it would allow for interviewers to minimize bad hires by being able to recognize when people display emotions which they do not want in the workplace or indicate less genuinity or positivity than wanted in new workers. Use of emotion detection could prove very useful in these one-on-one conversations where the emotions that someone conveys are vital, since their responses could tell us about what type of person they are.


What our Customers Say

“Now that I can tell how people are feeling, my job has become so much easier. The emotion detection is amazing in finding out how people receive what I say."


Harvey Stuart

“The use of emotion detection in video calling is amazing, it allows for me to really get whether I am understanding the other person's emotions well."


Steven Ortiz

"Great platform for joining conferences my company hosts. The rooms are so easy to attend. "


Melissa Donato


Our Pricing Plans



  • Host hour long sessions
  • Participate in 3 events every month
  • Create one event every month


$ 9.99/mo

  • Host 2 hour long sessions
  • Participate in an unlimited amount of events
  • Create as many events as you want


$ 24.99/mo

  • Utilize emotion detection in your calls
  • Host sessions for as long as you want

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